12 June 2011

Mono | support act: Flying Horseman - Low Vertical - Trix, Antwerp - Indiestyle

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Mono is a post-rock band from Japan. 3rd time tonight i've got the shivers, as a post-rock fan i only could enjoy the dreamy guitars that drove mono to stereo in the typical Mono wall of noise sound. With Steve Albini as producer they create a majestic musical universe in another dimension. The intensity of their play was touchable for every second. The album Hymn to the Immortal Wind keeps spinning on the turntable this very moment. Period.

Flying Horseman

Flying Horseman is an experimental/post folk/blues band from Antwerp, Belgium. Belgium got musical talent, lots of musical talent. One of those is the flying horseman, the dark hypnotic voice of singer Bert Dockx lifts the music to the higher level and by times reminded me of 16 horsepower. But that was a personal feel. I really enjoyed the perfect mixture of music and voices (Loesje and Martha Maieu from Blackie & Oohoos as background singers.). By times very chaotic but with a purpose, the purpose that there is nothing wrong with going deep.

Low Vertical

Low Vertical is an electronic / indie rockband from Bruges, Belgium. Often compared with Radiohead in times of OK Computer but the band goes way beyond that. More experimental, sometimes chaotic, at moments very fragile. A bit of shame of the annoying electrical/mechanical distortions at the end of the concert but a great experience to hear/feel/see.

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