31 July 2011

OMD - Roger Daltrey - Daan - Lokerse Feesten - Indiestyle

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Lokerse Feesten
Lokerse Feesten is a 10-day festival at Lokeren, Belgium. A yearly tradition for me, i guess it must have been my 20th time or somewhat i got there. My next stop: Tuesday with the great stoners: Kyuss Lives!!


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) are a synthpop group from England. I have to admit at the age of 16 i was completely into the new wave culture and freaked out more than once on their songs like Enola gay and electricity but that's already a while ago. Can't say it was a great set neither that it s*cked. To much flatlined and to much efforts from Andy McCluskey trying to encourage the crowd. It was more than obvious the crowd came to see Roger Daltrey since half of them left before OMD... The 80's were good but they're gone.

Roger Daltrey

Roger Harry Daltrey is an English singer, best known as the founder and lead singer of English rock band The Who. Tonight they were supposed to play the rock opera Tommy but due to time shedule they mixed it up with a best of... i did not complain. It started slow but went on in a set i was happy to be there. I guess Roger must have some voice problems because at times he really slipped over it but i forgive easely. I'm sure die-hard fans were satisfied but i missed a bit of punch, maybe i watched to much guitar smashing vids of the band...

Roger Daltrey performs Tommy at Lokerse Feesten


Daan is a Belgian artist from Antwerp, Belgium. Yesterday he played the simple tour, a remake of his most famous songs in a more softly version. I find it always a pleasure to see the lovely Isolde Lasoen on stage and i'm sure most of the male present do too. But to be hounest, in general the simple tour is not really a festival thing. The audience got a bit bored halfway the set and lost their focus on the band. Pitty because i experienced the simple tour in a place with a perfect ambient and got shivered all over...

Daan live at Lokerse Feesten

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