31 July 2011

OMD - Roger Daltrey - Daan - Lokerse Feesten - Indiestyle

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Lokerse Feesten
Lokerse Feesten is a 10-day festival at Lokeren, Belgium. A yearly tradition for me, i guess it must have been my 20th time or somewhat i got there. My next stop: Tuesday with the great stoners: Kyuss Lives!!


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) are a synthpop group from England. I have to admit at the age of 16 i was completely into the new wave culture and freaked out more than once on their songs like Enola gay and electricity but that's already a while ago. Can't say it was a great set neither that it s*cked. To much flatlined and to much efforts from Andy McCluskey trying to encourage the crowd. It was more than obvious the crowd came to see Roger Daltrey since half of them left before OMD... The 80's were good but they're gone.

Roger Daltrey

Roger Harry Daltrey is an English singer, best known as the founder and lead singer of English rock band The Who. Tonight they were supposed to play the rock opera Tommy but due to time shedule they mixed it up with a best of... i did not complain. It started slow but went on in a set i was happy to be there. I guess Roger must have some voice problems because at times he really slipped over it but i forgive easely. I'm sure die-hard fans were satisfied but i missed a bit of punch, maybe i watched to much guitar smashing vids of the band...

Roger Daltrey performs Tommy at Lokerse Feesten


Daan is a Belgian artist from Antwerp, Belgium. Yesterday he played the simple tour, a remake of his most famous songs in a more softly version. I find it always a pleasure to see the lovely Isolde Lasoen on stage and i'm sure most of the male present do too. But to be hounest, in general the simple tour is not really a festival thing. The audience got a bit bored halfway the set and lost their focus on the band. Pitty because i experienced the simple tour in a place with a perfect ambient and got shivered all over...

Daan live at Lokerse Feesten

22 July 2011

Tour de Force Festival - Spiegeltent, Borgerhout - Indiestyle

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Tour De Force


Yuko is a Indie/folk/pop band from Belgium and tipped to be belgium's next big thing. Catchy dreamy and melancholic melodies on a danceable beat or as they say: ‘childlike innocence: na├»ve but never stupid, charming but never banal’. Unfortunately didn't stay the whole show... got hit by the alcohol demons on the head... Ouch...

The Rott Childs

The Rott Childs are a noise/punk band from Belgium. They released their debut album Riches Will Come Thy Way early July. Live pushing the boundaries of every eardrum and kicking the bollocks untill you beg for more, dont say i didn't warned ya! A threatening bass, nasty riffs and a deadly drum are the perfect coctail for this insane combo that reinvented Tinitus! Or just Tuppence-R-Tuppence.

Nier - Van - A

Nier - Van - A is a Nirvana tribute band from Antwerp, Belgium formed by members of Deadsets and the drummer of The Hickey Underworld. I was lucky to see Nirvana once as support-act at Ghent... Cobain smashed his guitar to the stage and a piece of it hitted a guy at his head. Just to say that a tribute band is not the real thing... but damned, what is saw and heard yesterday came more than close. Nier - Van - A brings the attitude of a legend in a way it made me nailed to the ground. They play on saturday, 10 september on the big stage of Antwerp Open Air. A must experience!!!

Nier-Van-A performing Territorial Pissings @ Spiegeltent.

Dottir Slonza

Dottir Slonza is a band from Antwerp, Belgium containing 3 female voices, ukelele, xylofone, organ, basstuba, drums and yet it's not Folkmusic... call it heavenly angels with a mission chased by the drums of mister animal Boots. Gently but straightforward flaoting on hypnotising rhythms with the imploring melodic female voices. How else would you describe a band like this?

Bed Rugs

Bed Rugs are a Indie/pop band with a touch of psychedellica from Antwerp, Belgium. Formerly Known as The Porn Bloopers but due to some bandname copyright changed to Bed Rugs. They played an energetic live set, a little to much "ooh - ooh - aah - aah" to my musical taste but the crowd liked it and that's what counts. Altough they impressed me a lot with their last song called "Shoe", it had just that litlle more Psyche in it.

True Champions Ride On Speed

TCROS are a math/postrock band from Antwerp, Belgium. Released last year their self-titled debut album and recommanded to all postrock fans! Opening a festival is always a bummer, playing a set for 10 people is not a motivation to give yourself completely... Needs a little more "growed" in their live act but a band with a future.