25 June 2011

The Godfathers | De Brassers - Vooruit, Ghent - Indiestyle

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The Godfathers

The Godfathers are a punkrock band from London, UK. Mostly known for their songs Birth, School, Work, Death and This Damn Nation. Can't say the concert was great neither that it s*cked. To much deja-vue feel altough i threw my fists in the air with the birth, shool classic. Just to get the feel i was at a concert...

De Brassers

De Brassers are a post - punkband from belgium. The band started in the late 70's and gained fame in the belgian cultscene with the single En Toen Was Er Niets Meer. Occasionally touring. Seeing a concert of them brings back the memories of annoying my parents with volume 10 to let them know Julio Iglesias and Demis Rousos belonged in a gay-parade and not on the f*cking radio... aah, sweet memories...

21 June 2011

Boris | Russian Circles | The Ocean | Red Fang - Het Entrepot, Bruges - Heartbreaktunes

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Het Entrepot, Bruges


Boris is an experimental noise/psyche/metal/doom band from Japan named after the Melvin's "Bullhead". Often compared with Sonic Youth but to me it is only true for a couple of their songs. A large variety of genres passing on their way (they released an album with Merzbow, toured with NiN, composed a song for a Jim Jarmusch film...) so fitting them into comparison would be to hard for them. It was a pleasure to see them live altough most of the audience left after 45 min... At the very moment i'm still wondering why... Do i have to doubt my musical taste? I never got bored. Was it to difficult to understand? They only thing i know this show was a killer and the people i talked after the show all agreed. So people who left early: I think you've missed a great opportunity. One minus: never sell your albums on a concert for 30 euro when people can buy for 15 euro on the internet...
Check them at the Dour Festival on July,17th and please confirm me my doubts, + or -!

Russian Circles

Russian Circles are a post - rock/metal trio from Chicago, US. Second time i saw them on stage and it was even bettter than the first time. A perfect balanced mixture of stoner / psychedellica dipped in a melancholic inferno. The interaction of guitar and percussions communicate in a more kinda sensitive way without the usual exploding ends that is common to the genre. But that doesn't mean it's flatlined, not at all!
A must check at the Dour festival, July 17th!

The Ocean

The Ocean is an experimental post-metal band from Berlin, Germany. A weird combination of prog - hardcore which they describes as “ambient soundtrack doomrock”. I did not know the band but was pretty surprised, floating between agressive and dreamy passages which made it well captivated. When you're into the genre, check them at Dour festival 17th July!

Red Fang

Red Fang are a stoner/grunge/psych metal band with a touch of sludge from Portland, US. It's hard to fit these beer drinking hellraisers into one style but one thing is clear, they create their own. The hilarious musicvideos directed by Whitey McConnaughy (Jackass, Band of horses, flogging Molly, Turbonegro, the gossip...) are a huge hit on the internet so time to see and hear them live on stage. A nasty, brutish bass-heavy slow burner reminded me of an early Soundgarden, altough the melodic muscular voice fired the set up into more solid stoner. The crowd enjoyed it as much as i did. 30 minutes is way to short, a warming up wich left me with 3 words: "i want more..."
I predict the band a famous future, keep an eye on their calendar somewhere november, Belgium.

12 June 2011

Mono | support act: Flying Horseman - Low Vertical - Trix, Antwerp - Indiestyle

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Mono is a post-rock band from Japan. 3rd time tonight i've got the shivers, as a post-rock fan i only could enjoy the dreamy guitars that drove mono to stereo in the typical Mono wall of noise sound. With Steve Albini as producer they create a majestic musical universe in another dimension. The intensity of their play was touchable for every second. The album Hymn to the Immortal Wind keeps spinning on the turntable this very moment. Period.

Flying Horseman

Flying Horseman is an experimental/post folk/blues band from Antwerp, Belgium. Belgium got musical talent, lots of musical talent. One of those is the flying horseman, the dark hypnotic voice of singer Bert Dockx lifts the music to the higher level and by times reminded me of 16 horsepower. But that was a personal feel. I really enjoyed the perfect mixture of music and voices (Loesje and Martha Maieu from Blackie & Oohoos as background singers.). By times very chaotic but with a purpose, the purpose that there is nothing wrong with going deep.

Low Vertical

Low Vertical is an electronic / indie rockband from Bruges, Belgium. Often compared with Radiohead in times of OK Computer but the band goes way beyond that. More experimental, sometimes chaotic, at moments very fragile. A bit of shame of the annoying electrical/mechanical distortions at the end of the concert but a great experience to hear/feel/see.