11 June 2011

Danzig | support Diablo Blvd - Trix, Antwerp - Heartbreaktunes

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What can i say... As a musicloving photographer i always try to "shoot" people the way they are in the best possible way. Mister Glenn hates photographers because photos can't lie,they show the way u are... before the gig started i had to meet up with the tourmanager, the only thing he did was threatening me he would sue my balls off if ever 1 picture was posted by me on the internet. With a bodyguard the size of a bulldozer next to me, i only could keep my mouth shut but boiled inside. I came up with a creative idea on the pictures, wondering if they would sue me and for what reason. Freedom of rock 'n roll equals freedom of art!!!
And the show? I was to frustrated to enjoy...

Diablo Blvd

Diablo Blvd is a five-piece rock/metal band from Antwerp, Belgium, named after the Corrosion Of Conformity song. Guided by Alex Agnew, a very famous stand-up comedy icon in Belgium and the Netherlands. No-nonsense classic rock’n roll.


  1. Some are mad!?

    When Porcupine Tree came in AB, there was a recorded message asking to denounce your neighboor if he takes pictures ou records also with his phone...

  2. Au Nom Du Rock 'N' Roll... ;-)