25 June 2011

The Godfathers | De Brassers - Vooruit, Ghent - Indiestyle

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The Godfathers

The Godfathers are a punkrock band from London, UK. Mostly known for their songs Birth, School, Work, Death and This Damn Nation. Can't say the concert was great neither that it s*cked. To much deja-vue feel altough i threw my fists in the air with the birth, shool classic. Just to get the feel i was at a concert...

De Brassers

De Brassers are a post - punkband from belgium. The band started in the late 70's and gained fame in the belgian cultscene with the single En Toen Was Er Niets Meer. Occasionally touring. Seeing a concert of them brings back the memories of annoying my parents with volume 10 to let them know Julio Iglesias and Demis Rousos belonged in a gay-parade and not on the f*cking radio... aah, sweet memories...

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