08 July 2011

Dinosaur JR | support Drums Are For Parades - OLT, Antwerp - Indiestyle

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Dinosaur JR

Dinosaur JR is an alternative rock band from Massachusetts, USA and a great inspiration for bands formed in the late 80's and begin 90's. Their unique powerful often very distorted noise/sound can be considered a milestone in the alternative rock scene, a sound that was picked up by bands like Pixies and Nirvana.
Tonight they played the album "Bug" the Masics-Barlow style. It missed a bit of power in the beginning, due to Masics' voice slip-overs altough near the end i saw and heared the real dinosaur again realizing the dream ended to soon.

Drums Are For Parades

Drums Are For Parades are a power-rock band from Ghent, Belgium. Another great talented band from Belgium that understands the true power of a live set. A mixture of metal, punkcore drowned in a noisy juice which kicks the bollocks in the throath, even when you don't have 'em. They kill the 100dB rule in a way it was supposed to be. Hell Yeah!

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