18 March 2011

A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen - Trix, Antwerp

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A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen

Craig Ward (ex dEUS, Love Substitutes, Kiss My Jazz, True Bypass, ...) and Bootsie Butsenzeller's (DAAU, Traktor, Dóttir Slonza, Kapitein Winokio,....) casual musical relationship has been taking place in Butsenzeller's humble homestudio since early 2007. They both found a soulmate and mutual schredder in bassplayer Zahnoun Ben Younes (Pawlowski, Eat Lions, Rottchilds). Who joined them instantly for groovy, edgy, intense live shows ! They found their mutual musical loves and put them into the recorder: Shellacian edgyness, Beefheartian madness and progressions like King Crimson.
Vinyl available: Jezusfactory

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  1. Wow, what a serie!!!!
    The two first are just ex-cep-tion-nelles!!!!!