31 August 2011

The Bellrays | support act: Eddie Spaghetti - Trix, Antwerp - Indiestyle

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The holidays are gone and concert season has started, finally! The opening concert at Trix was a bullseye and the promise of a great season. Stay tuned for lots of concert pictures and high frequency Rock And Roll! Coming up next: The Rapture - Believo!

The Bellrays

The Bellrays are a us garage rockband combined with the soul voice of Lisa Kekaula. Yesterday they played their set the way rock 'n roll was meant to be. Pure straightforward energy that made me forgive Lisa's Basement Jaxx adventure... Blast of a concert and ready for some more!

Eddie Spaghetti

Eddie Spaghetti, bass and leadsinger from The Supersuckers opened the Bellrays concert with an accoustic solo-set. The guy is an entertainer and knows how to play with the crowd and his lyrics by times are hilarious but honestly... his country - folkish music doesn't work for me, got bored pretty soon.

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