12 September 2011

Tweak Bird | Bad Body | Tangled Horns - Scheld'Apen, Antwerp

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Electricity in the air!

Tweak Bird

Tweak bird are a garage-fuzzed-out-psyched-rock duo. They played a great set altough snare drum probs and near the end a bit of a mess but it seemed like it was supposed to be that way. Awesome version of the bones, great tunes from their tweak bird album ... The electricity filled the air and buzzed the eardrums!

Bad Body

Bad Body are a noise trio from uk... To much effort in trying to be neurotic arty-farty. Skip and move on with our lives.

Tangled Horns

Tangled Horns is a rockband from Antwerp, Belgium. Their live sets are a combination of stoner, blues, grunge and straightforward rock with a punch in the face attitude. Eat or be eaten - the singer of the band releases his demons on stage, you're warned so beware of the madness!

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