26 September 2011

Here we are now, entertain us! - Nirvana Tribute - Trix, Antwerp

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Everybody was talking about it, twitters and facebook status exploded on Nirvana's Nevermind album anniversary. With reason because this album openend the mainstream door for many alternative rockbands. My favorite venue, Trix put a Nevermind tribute evening on their calendar with some of Belgium's best rock bands. Time to mosh!
That night 1991 revived, blue stains for free!

Nier Van A

Nier Van A is a Nirvana tribute band. I hate tribute bands and i think it should be forbidden... i really do... is it the lack of inspiration?
But Nier Van A goes way beyond the tribute, they bring back Kurt and his territorial pissers in a magical way like Kurt never died. A perfect mixture of insanity and chaos. I find it really scary that Nier Van A comes so close to the real thing, must be cosmic or something. For those who missed them, to bad because they won't perfom again and died this evening the most beautiful dead...

The Rott Childs

Did i ever saw a bad concert of these guys? Negative! So you can say they rule? YES!!!
Am i a reviewer? Nope, a photographer!

Bed Rugs

Unfortunately no pix from this psychedelic band... to dark, sorry guys...

Drums Are For Parades

My favorite Belgian stoner band. Badass... nothing more to say!!!

Live @ Trix!

Kapitan Korsakov

Kapitan Korsakov is a noise-rock band from Ghent, Belgium. It was already 2 years ago since i've seen the band live on stage, now i know i should be ashamed. Their headbanging punk attitude was the start of a more than perfect tribute night. Kinda missed the smashing guitars but i guess that's part of the economical recession. Once again they rocked, big time!

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